2019 All-East Repertoire

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The All-East Page of the etva.org website has been updated to include repertoire information for next year’s All-East Honors Choirs and Freshmen Choirs, including information regarding audition selections.

Don’t forget:  ETVA will place orders and invoice members for the performance literature for the SATB, SSAA, and TTBB choirs, but not the audition selections.  Members are expected to procure those octavos for auditions independently.

Also, ETVA does not place orders and invoice members for Freshman Honors and MS Honors performance literature.  Members are expected to procure those octavos independently as well.

At this point, the literature for MS Honors Choirs has not yet been selected.

Letter from Dr. Trotta to TMEA choirs

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From Amanda Ragan:

I woke up this morning to this lovely letter.  Dr. Trotta asked me to forward to the teachers and singers of the SATB choir.

Thank you all for allowing me to serve you in this TMEA position.  Thank you for supporting me and helping me as we strive to give our students special musical moments.  If one student says they’ve had the time of their life, we’ve all won!

Safe travels home!!

Thanks for the Help!

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Amanda Short has all the sheet music we need for the SATB students, now.  Thank you for responding so quickly!

Invitation from Kathy May

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Friends, I know it’s early on Friday ( 9 am) but I would be really honored to see some friendly faces in the audience for the ETSU Belles concert. I was appointed assistant conductor last fall and will be conducting some pieces. The short concert will have a lot of variety.   Hope to see you there!

A Little Help, Please…..

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Teachers, we have several students in the SATB honors choir without copies of their sheet music (not just the Bach, but music that we screened on).  Can we borrow any extra copies you have?  The clinician understandably wants every student to be looking at their own copy of the sheet music while they work.

Any copies you can lend us should be brought to the SATB rehearsal room ASAP and left with the chair Amanda Short.  Feel free to write your name and school on the copies so we can more easily return them to you.


All-State Duty Roster

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The All-State Page of the etva.org website has been updated to include a link to the 2019 All-State Duty Roster for teachers.

All State Solo Opportunities

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Our clinicians have all asked that some teachers volunteer to help narrow down the pool of students who wish to audition for solos in our All State literature. As in years past, we will hold initial auditions during breaks between rehearsal times. I’ve tried to schedule these initial auditions such that students do not lose too much of their break time. It is essential that all students planning to audition for solos and/or solo groups prepare a head of time. Time will be especially tight in the SATB choir as there are three solo/i opportunities available. If you are willing to serve as a preliminary judge for these auditions, please send me an email at: aragan@ortn.edu. Having a group of teachers who can go ahead and set aside the time will make the process so much smoother. I would love to have 2 teachers from each region, as well as the choir chair serve as prelim judges.


SSAA Chorale and TTBB Chorus


Auditions for Still I Rise in the SSAA Choir and for Gravedigger in the TTBB Choir will take place Thursday beginning at 1:00pm in the respective rehearsal spaces. Be prepared to audition a cappella.


SATB Choir (we do not have to have the same set of teachers judge all 3 auditions.)


True Light – Female voice on verse 1, Male voice on verse 2

Solo sound (more pop/Gospel)

Auditions Thursday beginning at 11:45am in the assigned rehearsal space. Be prepared to audition a cappella.


The Heavens Are Telling – Solo Trio (Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael)

Dr. Trotta is looking for a lighter solo sound on this trio

Auditions Thursday beginning at 1:00pm in the assigned rehearsal space. Be prepared to audition a cappella, if necessary.


Zigueunerleben – Solo Quartet (bass and alto to sing T2 and S2 at mm. 61-64)

Dr. Trotta is looking for a big, full, solo sound for this quartet

Auditions Thursday beginning at 6:00pm in in the assigned rehearsal space.


All singers please review the suggested videos (referenced below) for German diction practice.

Here are two good videos for the German:






Psalm 150 – All S1 to sing descant

Irish Blessing – All S1 to sing descant