All-East Auditions Registration Opens Today

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The All-East Page of the website has been updated with a link to the All-East Audition Registration Form.  The registration deadline is September 1.

Note:  This year, the audition registration form will automatically send you a receipt of your registration entry to the email address you indicate on the first page of the form.  Please save this email message–the message will contain a link titled “Edit Response” that you can use to make changes to your registration up to the registration deadline.


All-East Prep Clinics at Milligan and UT Chattanooga

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The Event Calendar Page on the website has been updated to include links to invitation letters and registration instructions for both of the the upcoing Milligan College and UT Chattanooga All-East Prep Clinics on August 25.

“Heaven’s Glories” Tracks (again)

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The “Member’s Only Page” on the website has been updated with an even newer link to our best version of the “I See the Heaven’s Glories Shine” tracks EVER…..

Please accept our apologies.  The tracks that are now linked on the page have been corrected from the ones used this morning.  Apparently we didn’t quite navigate the key change to B major in the original tracks, but that has since been corrected.  Many thanks to Patricia Denmark and Daniel Varnell for alerting us to the problem.

If you used the links to download the “I See the Heaven’s Glories Shine” tracks before 5:15 pm on Saturday Aug 11, you’ll want to download them again and redistribute the new ones to your students.

“Heaven’s Glories” tracks CORRECTED

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The Members-Only Page of the website has been updated with a link to the CORRECTED zip file containing the part-learning tracks for “I See the Heaven’s Glories Shine.”

What happened:  because this song was programmed for last year’s All-State SATB Choir, I ended up with two folders in my OneDrive account titled “I See the Heaven’s Glories Shine.”  I errantly uploaded last year’s All-State folder to our page instead of this year’s All-East folder, and that’s why you have a SSAATTBB version if you downloaded it already.  Please replace those files with the new SSAA version and distribute these new files to your students.

Please forgive me for the confusion and the extra work my error is causing.

“Heaven’s Glories” mp3 files

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I’ve disabled the link to the “I See the Heaven’s Glories Shine” mp3 zip folder on the Members-Only Page for now while we investigate and correct some possible errors in the tracks.  Please be patient and don’t distribute those files to your students quite yet.  We’ll upload an updated zip file ASAP and let you know when it’s available.

Also, several of you have emailed me to ask about the Members-Only Page password.  That password changes every year, and the new one is made available to returning members only.  Just complete the membership renewal form for the 2018-2019 year, and you’ll see this year’s password on the final confirmation page.

All-East Part-Learning MP3 Files

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The password-protected Members-Only Page of the website has been updated to include downloadable zip folders containing the part-learning mp3 files for the All-East auditions selections.

2018 All-East audition titles announced

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The All-East Page of the website has been updated to include the audition repertoire for the 2018 All-East Honors Choirs.