All-State Repertoire and mp3 part-learning files

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The All-State Page of the website has been updated to include the list of All-State repertoire selections, packet pricing from The Musical Source, and instructions for downloading part-learning mp3 files.

Don’t forget:

  1. ETVA does not order and invoice you for All-State sheet music.  It is the responsibility of each director to procure the sheet music for their students.
  2. Each director will have to register their All-State students via the TMEA website.  The registration is not open yet, but you’ll be reminded when the window opens.

All-State Roster Posted

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The All-State Page of the website has been updated to include a link to the roster of All-State qualifiers.

All-East Chorus Roster (UPDATE)

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The All-East Page of the website has been updated with a link to the new roster of All-East Chorus Honorees reflecting the results of Tuesday’s screening auditions.

Lower Area Screening Information

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Good Afternoon!

I apologize for the lateness of this email – McMinn County just completed its first All City/County event (that I know of) on Friday and it went really well – I hosted, so I’ve been putting out fires all week and didn’t get the time to send this out until now.

BUT – without further ado…

Screening will again be at CHATTANOOGA HIGH SCHOOL CENTER FOR CREATIVE ARTS, 1301 Dallas Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405. Drive around to the back past the two parking levels and go in the door there – report to room 202, the choir room, when you get there.

If anyone has any problems, please feel free to text me (fastest way to get me) at 540-421-9191.

We will meet at 6 pm run through the music for each group, then break up to listen to each group.  There aren’t many for each choir, as you will see, so it shouldn’t take long (SATB – 4, SSAA – 7, TTBB – 4).

Judging assignments will be as follows:


Melanie Oran

Tina Holcomb

Emily Halbert

Neshawn Calloway


James Harr

Paul Smallman

Kari Kuhns

Sarah Dalbey


Vic Oakes

Sam Duggins

Kristen Wiram

Melissa Ferrel

Ringers for this year:

Let me know if I have forgotten any information that you may need – Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Sarah Dalbey

Part-learning mp3 files for “Hard Times”

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The Members-Only Page of the website has been updated to include a link to download the part-learning mp3 files for “Hard Times.”  The link is in the TTBB section of the All-East repertoire list.

Reminder:  “Hard Times” will not be included in the screening audition this coming Tuesday, but the TTBB All-East honorees will be expected to know this music when they arrive for rehearsals later this month.  Teachers, please make these files available to your TTBB All-East qualifiers.