JB Lyle Adjudicator Comments

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The audio files containing adjudicator comments from last week’s JB Lyle Choral Festival have been uploaded to my OneDrive server and are available for downloading.  ETVA members who participated in JB Lyle should have received a link to a folder containing all mp3 files for your school’s ensembles.  This link was sent to the email address you used when you joined or renewed your membership with ETVA.  Look for an email in your inbox that looks like this:

Comments email

Please let me know if you 1) participated in JB Lyle but didn’t get the link or 2) can’t get the link to work by sending me an email message to byron.davis@maryville-schools.org ASAP.

Also, because I have limited server space to use, the links and folders will expire on March 31.  Please download and archive your files within the next two weeks!


JB Lyle Results

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The JB Lyle Page of the etva.org website has been updated to include the scores from last week’s JB Lyle Festival.

All-State Choirs Rosters Update

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Based upon the results of student certification for All-State Choirs an updated roster is now available on the website or by clicking HERE

Lunch options for JB Lyle (Knoxville/HVA locations)

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The JB Lyle Page of the etva.org website has been updated to include Lunch Options/Suggestions from Teresa Scoggins and a menu of items from Empire Pizza (Thursday’s food truck).

J. B. Lyle Middle Area – Important

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On Wednesday we will have Vol Dogs food truck.  They serve Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Bar b Q.  Their menu ranges $5 and up.  They will be located at the back of the building near the drop off area.  PLEASE CONSIDER USING THEM FOR LUNCH!

On Thursday we will have Empire pizza Food Truck here. I am attaching their menu for you to share with your students.  They will be located at the back of the building near drop off as well.  PLEASE CONSIDER USING THEM FOR LUNCH!

We have tables outside if weather permits or I will come up with an inside place for the kids to hang and eat.

If you want to leave campus, please have the bus drive around to the drop off area again and get on there.  In light of things that happened last week in FL, Mrs. Reynolds (principal) would like to keep traffic to a minimum through the front doors as much as possible.

Other places to eat on HV Road:






Mikata (small and usually very busy so you might want to call first)

Double Dogs (usually very busy at lunch)

Brown Bag (usually very busy at lunch)

Don Gallo (Usually very busy at lunch)

Or of course Turkey Creek.  IT is about 10-15 minutes away from HVA.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


p.s. please consider using the food trucks!  They have been very kind in not charging me to be here.  PLEASE make it worth their time.

All-State Choirs Update

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An updated roster for the All-State Choirs is now available on the ETVA website.  It can be accessed by clicking HERE.